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Getting your work done: 365 & Workspace

If you are looking to get your work done using a digital workspace, You have two main options: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

When it comes to choosing the right apps and services you need in your business, The answer is simple: Which ones helps you in getting the job done?

Both 365 and Workspace have pro's and Cons - these are mostly based on user opinion.

To help you get started in your journey of discovery, here's a brief look at the Pro's & Con's of each:

Microsoft 365 has more features than Workspace—including access to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint—and it integrates more closely with Windows 10 than Workspace does with Chrome OS. Because it's an enterprise-level solution designed for businesses rather than individuals, Microsoft 365 is much more secure than Workspace is.

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On the flip side, Workspace does have some advantages over Microsoft 365: for instance, its UI feels more intuitive than that of 365; its support for multiple devices means that you can access your files from just about anywhere; and since it's free on Chromebooks (whereas you need an Microsoft 365 subscription if you want to use it on Windows devices), you can use it without having to shell out any money upfront.

Ultimately though? The best option for most people is probably going to be Microsoft 365. It's a more polished product that's been around longer, which means it has more features and better support for different devices—and though it does cost money, that investment is usually worth it in the long run. If you want to use the free version of Office on Chromebooks, though, that's totally doable—and if you're just looking for a lightweight word processor with basic formatting tools and the ability to read and edit files from other platforms, Google Docs is definitely worth checking out.

accelerateIT is a proud partner of both Microsoft & Google

I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments about Microsoft or or Google products, Leave me a comment below and we can talk about it! accelerateIT is a proud partner of Microsoft and Google.


accelerateIT is a Managed services provider with fixed priced support packages. Our solutions and services include managed services, technical support, cloud services, cyber security solutions, server management and IT infrastructure.


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