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Enterprise level business solutions for your small business

Gain control of every aspect of your business to achieve unprecedented growth, with carefully curated business solutions from accelerateIT. We provide the very best, personalized experience for companies looking to adopt cloud computing solutions, data center colocation and cyber security for their organizations.

AccelerateIT will debut 3 innovative and exciting business solutions in 2023. At a fraction of the cost, these platforms will provide enterprise level features and support. You will be able to manage every aspect of your business at a fraction of the cost of conventional big name products, thanks to our selection of solutions and our partners, who are leaders in the industry.

accelerateIT has carefully curated the best business solutions for SME's

Omni-channel CRM

Omni-channel communication with your customers will become essential to remaining competitive. accelerateIT has an omni-channel CRM that's customizable and relevant to any industry. It easily integrates with all communication channels, including WhatsApp, and provides a unified customer view. You will now be able to integrate with all major e-commerce platforms, take payments and so much more. The most attractive feature of this platform is its price. No contracts and you can cancel when you want.

Business management solution

When compared favorably to the leading vendors on the market, our affordable business management solution excels. It's cloud-based, with the goal of automating key business procedures in departments like finance, operations, and human resources. This solution gives you more control over the operations of your business and data collection with highly configurable data field setup. accelerateIT will help you encourage successful expansion, deepen your understanding of your business, and basing decisions on the most recent information.

Domain protection

Cyber criminals are aware that the primary method of communication in your company is email. Due to the increase in impersonation and phishing attacks, it is more crucial than ever to take all necessary precautions to protect your customers, employees, and supply chain. In South Africa, the leading cybersecurity expert has partnered with accelerateIT. Your entire email ecosystem will be safe and secure thanks to our DMARC solution.

Outsource your IT support to accelerateIT #Technology.Simplified

accelerateIT is dedicated to providing SME's with reliable, affordable IT support, IT solutions and business solutions. In order to help our clients grow, we value them and take the time to learn about their companies. We have selected solutions and partners who share our values, and we are eager to introduce our new offering in the coming year.

Be sure to follow us on our social media channels and check our website for more information about each solution. Contact AccelerateIT if you have any questions or need IT services or business solutions.


accelerateIT is a Managed services provider with fixed priced support packages. Our solutions and services include managed services, technical support, cloud services, cyber security solutions, server management, IT infrastructure and complete business solutions.

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