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INFORMATION SECURITY: SMB’s are at a disadvantage

Information security is a major concern for SMEs. They are often at a disadvantage when it comes to investing in the latest technologies and solutions. This can be due to lack of resources, budget constraints or simply not knowing where to start.

It's not only information security, but also privacy that has become a major focus. Concern about the security of personal data has grown considerably in the past few years. In a recent survey, more than half of respondents said they were "very concerned" about the security of their personal information.

Hacking incidents grow by almost 50% worldwide, every year.

Every day, new cases of hacking and data breaches are reported. Every year, the number of incidents grows by about 50%. This is a time when cloud computing and mobile devices have become widely popularized, which results in more risks to information security and privacy, especially for SME's who cant always afford enterprise level security solutions or don't have the in-house skill set to keep their IT infrastructure competitive.

Keeping data-secure and upholding privacy regulations should not be a headache for SME's. The best solution for this is Outsourcing to a reputable IT services company, such as accelerateIT - Who specializes in cloud services and information security.

With Outsourced service specialists, SMB's get access to proprietary software and hardware that is designed specifically with that business operations in mind. This way, businesses can keep their information secure while following regulations, and without the need for internal IT appointments.

Outsourced support providers, like accelerateIT, give SMB's access to the latest security and enterprise level solutions.

AccelerateIT offers Managed services, Cloud services and has extensive experience implementing security solutions and ensuring privacy regulations. Our fixed priced packaged options, aimed at SME's, offer everything that a small business needs to stay secure, and at the same time accelerate.

Businesses need to ensure that they keep up with the ever evolving technology trends, and as a business grows, so should their IT infrastructure and support.

Sadly, When cyber criminals hit - It's the smaller players who get affected the most and suffer long term set-backs - Stay ahead of their game, Or let accelerateIT do it for you!

Get in contact with us to discuss your business IT needs, we are always available to solve problems

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Tel: 012 003 2985

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