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Protect your company's email domain from being used for email spoofing and phishing scams.

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Cybercriminals spoof your companies domain and target your customers with phishing emails that appear to be from your brand. Spoofing damages brand reputation and once your domain has been backlisted by multiple ISP'S, legitimate emails don't get delivered either.

Most businesses have limited visibility into their email channels and no protection against domain spoofing, This directly impacts any business as email is the main channel of communication worldwide.

accelerateIT let's you check your domain reputation by simply providing a valid email.

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DMARC™ - The Email Protection System to Meet Global Compliance Standards


Protection for your brand identity, customers and internal teams.

accelerateIT now offers you email  protection from phishing attacks and email spoofing. accelerateIT In partnership with Sendmarc will help protect your team, customers and your brand from email phishing and impersonation attacks. Make sure that only you can send secure email from your domain.

To protect your domains against abuse in phishing or spoofing attacks, you need to implement DMARC. As a domain owner, you want to know for sure that your visitors or customers will only see emails that you have sent yourself. Therefore, DMARC is a must for every domain owner. accelerateIT has the solution.

DMARC verifies the source of an email message and decides what to do with it. It is a security check that allows only emails coming from the legitimate source to be delivered.

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Raising the Bar


Reporting lets you see both legitimate and illegitimate use of your email domains so you can actively take action and eliminate fraudulent activities.


Companies that have DMARC can implement BIMI, improving brand identity and email deliverability. BIMI gives immediate email credibility and brand recognition with a company’s logo viewed alongside the email message.


Implementing the strongest authentication rules and policies, ensure that all legitimate emails with your name reach the intended inbox.


Globally recognized technical authentication and verification standards applied to all emails using the brand name, provide organizational-wide compliance to every email service used by every department.


All inbound and outbound email with your brand name is verified for authenticity, preventing cybercriminals from using your name for illicit gain, ensuring employees, customers, partners and suppliers only ever receive legitimate email.


Seamless integration and implementation with all third party providers of email services, ensure an organization's entire email real-estate is secure and safeguarded.


Our platform is intelligently designed. All processes and policies are fully automated and seamlessly integrated with all email service providers, allowing full insight into all legitimate and illegitimate emails using a company name. We monitor and manage the entire email ecosystem, providing real-time reporting and analysis to proactively defend against new threats as they emerge


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Protection for your brand identity, customers and internal teams.

At accelerateIT, we partner with Sendmarc to ensure that your email communications are always safe and secure. We proactively monitor your email ecosystem to protect your reputation and prevent fraud. With our help, you can be confident that any email received with your name is authentic. We're here to make sure that you can focus on what's important, without worrying about fake emails or attacks.

We give the same protection to every organization and their stakeholder community. Safeguard your name, safeguard your reputation. Our platform protects the domains of thousands of companies and is trusted by the best. Thanks for choosing accelerateIT!

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